Dear My Future Husband..

Monday, December 1, 2008

I know it seems stupid writing to a guy I'll someday marry, but you know, girls do many stupid and weird things. I honestly have more than a million questions about you. And you, probably have more than a million questions about me too. I guess it is normal. I may not recognize you at first, but I will be patient. Everytime I date a guy, I wonder if he is you. But God will reveal that in the right time :)

I have made a promise to myself and God to stay virgin until marriage. This is maybe something I struggle with, but I'll try it because I know it worths everything and anything. I hope you're doing the same thing for me, because I don't want a girl (or some girls!) show up on/after our wedding day and saying that they were a part of your past experience. Ew.. I'll kill you. I want you to be my one and only. But it doesn't mean you are not allowed to meet other girls today. I encourage you to get to know girls, and learn/investigate/explore their personalities. Like the guys, our personalities differ by any chance.

So basically, we never know what God has planned for us, or for you/I as an individual.. thus I hope both of us stick close to Him. Nah, I know it is hard for us sometimes to hold on to God, to choose good friends, or gf/bf (while we're waiting for one another), but we have to believe that He has wonderful things planned for our lives, right? You know it! :)

Until we meet..
♥, Me.


  1. *Sigh* This was very sweet and natural... Second paragraph is priceless. I agree...
    Every girl needs to borrow this letter for herself, I think.

    You be careful... You're summoning your future husband ;-) He is gonna be the luckiest man alive!

  2. Hi... I've been following this blog for so long, and this is my first comment for you. I read this book When God Writes Your Love Story and I realized that guy I was gonna get married to was out there for REAL. He was alive somewhere - living somewhere - with someone - doing something - eating something and it scared me to think that he might not even think about me (a.k.a his future wife!). Then I wrote FOURTEEN letters to my FH in 1 month!!! I thought that writing letters also helps me remember I need to prepare myself for him by respecting the boys/young men around me and keeping myself pure - or virgin. And it was hard because I was in relationship and how do you write to you FH when he's probably right there with you?! Well a year later.... we're married! =D Today after reading yours, I realized they're not really letters to him, but prayer letters to God about and for him.

    I'm glad to know that I am not the only one doing this. It is so true and exciting! Mr. Right is out there for you alrite! And when you find eachother, he just better thank his lucky star to found his princess!

  3. Adinda: Am I? Ohkaaay.. "Hello future husband come here.. come here.." :P Hehehe thanks. I miss you!

    Myranda Douglas: Wow 14! You're amazing! I am in the same boat with you then. I thought it was kinda sappy and creepy at the 1st time, but I think this is a good think and it's okay to publish this weird thing on my blog. Thank you for sharing, thank you for completing this letter through your comment :)

    Aditya Kibo: Nope. Not yet. Not right now.

    Ninta: You too!

  4. this isn't creepy/sappy, this is cool. weird, it is. you couldn't be more romantic, could you? how did you get so wise btw?

  5. it's my pleasure to meet you, to be a bittersweet part of your past. thanks for allowing me to be one of your friends. I wish you the best in the future. I can't believe it, all grown up!



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