100 Happiness: Part 1.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

#100happiness is trending on Twitter. It inspired me to make a blog post about 100 happiness in my life. So here, I declare that one of my goal this year to keep this blog alive is to identify 100 things that bring me happiness or make me happy. I'm starting this today and will update anytime with 10 things each entry.

#1. Perfect black and white photos

#2. Capturing moments

(Photo courtesy of Dini Pratiwi)

#3. Walking along the beach bare foot

#4. Beautiful bokeh (or lens flare)

#5. Holding hands

#6. Love

#7. Bite-Sized Chocolates

#8. Green teas

#9. Exploring city at night

#10. Riding bicycle in Bali

♥, Me


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