Updated: Celebrating my 20,000th Shutter Count (Featuring Baby Photos).

Friday, April 22, 2011

I think it is fair to say that photography is in my blood. My mother was a photographer. Her first camera was Nikon FE2, and she still has it. She has thousands photos of her life: her childhood, her life as a teenager, as a graphic designer student, her art works in university, her young adult moments, her marriage, my brother and I's first moment of life. Those photographs tell a story of where she has been, and they become a valuable part of her past and an important part of her present life.

As a kid, I always demanded control over the snapshot camera. When I was a 9 years old girl, I got my first analog camera and I took it everywhere, even without film in it. My mother bought it at Toys City, it was Rp 50.000, green, with a football lens cap. It didn't has the flash light so I had to borrow my mothers. Apparently, my parents weren't happy with all the Rp spent processing rolls, but no matter what, I always just kept shooting.. without film in my camera. It's funny to remember those old times when every shutter count costs us money :)

In 2007, I was 20 years old when I voiced my interest in becoming a photographer to my parents. The problem was how can I get the permission to buy a digital SLR, because those cameras are like Rp 8.000.000 and they would be like, "Why would we waste millions Rp for you to take pictures of craps? Just work on your skills now and show us what you can do with.... this point of shoot camera."

But mother.. I want a DSLR :(

Just work on your skills and show us what you can do with this camera!

Okay, so for months I've shown some serious interest in this hobby. I signed up for a photography class, looked at photographers' blogs, shooting with my mother's old FE2 and really study the art. And finally, two years ago, I got a digital SLR and a compact superzoom camera.

To be honest, I never actually thought about pursuing photography until someone looked really good with a DSLR in her hand. She's my cousin, Sasha.

Happy 24th belated birthday!

My goal in photography is to capture the beauty of life. I know that time passes quickly and each day brings new and exciting moments. Moments which I didn't want to forget. Photographs aren't just pictures - they are reminders of all of the beauty that surrounds us.

Pardon mah lips.

♥, Me


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