Thursday, November 15, 2012

My curly/wavy hair trick.

I've promised to my ladies to share a little secret about my tricks in curling my hair. I used straightening iron to curl my hair for YEARS, but this year I found this trick on YouTube. Yes, now you can curl your hair with NO heat at all by using a stretchy headband. So I'm making my own tutorial (again, as promised), but the YouTube video will give you the detail.

For the record, my hair is naturally a bit wavy so it holds a curl pretty well. I don't need a hair wax or spray but if you have a natural straight hair, you'll need a wax or styling cream or a hairspray.

This trick works best on freshly washed hair that is about 90% dry. If it's wet it probably won't dry by morning. You can let your hair dry naturally or blow dry to speed up the process. First, place your headband over the top of your head (like a ninja style). The curl will start underneath the placement of your headband so please adjust it like exactly what you wanted.

Start on the side of your head by gathering a small section of your hair. The size of your sections will effect the size of your curls. If you want a big wavy hair, you can grab a bigger section of hair.

Loop the strand over the headband and guide so the hair end up underneath the headband. It will look like this. You can wrap them looser for looser curls, and bigger for wavy-effect hair.

Add another section of hair to the original section of hair, and repeat the same looping process until you reach the back of your head. So it means each strand will be grabbed several times. Brush your hair smooth as necessary. Also, you can push the rolls towards the front if you start running out of room.

Finish one side, do the other side of your head.
Once you have wrapped all of your hair, make sure to adjust the headband until you feel comfortable. I usually move the top of the headband as far back of my head as possible and not leaving it near my forehead. Anyway, total time to loop hair into the headband: 5 minutes!

Once you finished, you can leave it in overnight and have a beautiful sleep then take it out in the morning. This was my hair as soon as I pulled my hairband. I hadn't even brushed it yet. If you only have a short time, you can blow dry your hair to speed up the process but don't forget to add hair wax or hairspray to hold the curls.

♥, Me.


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