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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Have you guys heard about Festival Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar? Yes, I'm planning to attend and join the event with the ladies. Been a while since my last Unicef event, alsooo.. it's time to go out and do something healthy other than being busy doing nothing, playing music, and taking random pictures. I plan to donate my childhood books and Encyclopedia too, so now I'm kinda busy sorting out the books and asking my family to donate their childhood books too. I'm a little bit emotional because I love books and now I have to say good bye to them. I can't imagine not hoarding them.. but somewhere, here in Indonesia, our kids need them more. Interested to join the event? Click this link for more info [link].

Now, jump onto the sad news. This afternoon, I heard Mas Iqbal Rais passed away on Sunday night. Iqbal Rais was a young film-maker. I met him two years ago when he was looking for a script writer for his short movie. He said he read my semi-fictions, titled "The Littlest Pieces" and "Dinar" and liked the way I put the ideas into dialogue. I told him I couldn't help him because I was too busy with my master thesis. I am now regretting why I didn't accept his offer :( He's an inspirational person and, of course, everybody is pleased that he lived his life to the fullest and achieved so much during his life. My heart goes to his family.

It would be foolish to make a sequel to my self-published book, but after his death I really am thinking about continuing the girls' journey on "The Little Pieces - Part Two"..

Last, but not least.. I want to tell you that I have been receiving some black-mails and they're talking *bad* about my last relationship. I didn't think that they're my blog readers because I'm pretty sure that they know more than I (wanna) know. They blamed me for being immature and/or judge the ex for being so selfish and he actually cheated on me and blah-blah-blah. One of them even mentioned THE NAME of the woman *poker face*buzzzz..*! So this is a life lesson for all of us that when you're not openly forming/showing "the connection", it makes harder to lay a solid foundation as a couple. It also shows that if both of you are good at keeping things from people, it doesn't mean you exactly build trust between you two. #lessonlearned. Even though I am pissed that I keep getting black-emails since last month, I must say thank you to them for showing that they.. "care" ;)

Until later..

♥, Me.


  1. Hmm.. IMHO justru gw merasanya dari blog reader elo ya. maksudnya temen lo (temennya dia atau temen cewek itu) yang memang baca blog lo. Karena kalo blackmailernya itu dari lingkungan lo pasti kan dia tau cerita yang sebenarnya bukan cuman ngomong setengah2 gitu.

    DAAAAN.... DUKUNG! SELESAIKAN NOVEL2 ITU! Terutama yang pinjem nama gw hiehiehiehiehei...

  2. Mungkin sih dari temen gue, mungkin juga dari relasi yang tau (karena ngga bnyk yg tau, tapi remember dunia is sempits? So it could be anyone), objektifnya juga keliatan untuk bikin gue "benci". You know lah beberapa orang emang mesti gosip supaya satisfied. Anjing menggonggong Maya berlalu. Btw gue suka tuh dengan julukan "Blackmailers".

    Maksud lo Pretenders? I'm sooo gonna think about it. Masih gantung hehe..

  3. 1. Have fuuuuun! Jangan lupa sisain beberapa buku buat ponakan"nya kalau kita main ke sana yah... :D

    2. Dukung juga! Lanjutkan!

    3. Gak usah dipikiriiiiin! Mereka makin seneng kalau lo pikirin, apalagi kalau lo sampe termakan omongan mereka. Cukup iya"in, trus babai... :D

  4. Yang basa engless kan? Masih banyak sampe kelas 3 SD :P

    Iya aku juga ngga mikirin kok, malah dibawa ngocol aja. Thank you for everything ndaa.. :D


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