100 Life List

I made this list on January 8, 2009 and this is my very first published Life List. Don't take it too seriously. Maybe 5 years from now, I'll know how fun to see the things I can accomplish in an amount of time and the amazing things I'm doing to make it all a reality.
  1. Graduated: SE (Feb 6, 2009)
  2. Cum laude - not a priority, I only curious how fast my brain can run. (Feb 6, 2009)
  3. Master graduate on 2012 (July 2011)
  4. Get a real job - find the job I love
  5. Get married
  6. Have children
  7. Read the entire holy Qur'an
  8. Visit Europe after graduating with a Master's
  9. Meet the president
  10. Go to my iLike Astrist concert
  11. Buy my own home and make it into exactly what I want
  12. Buy my own car
  13. Make some money as a photographer
  14. Make a photography project for 1 year
  15. Get flickr pro account OR build personal photography website
  16. Exercise. DAILY!
  17. Never stop being optimist
  18. Be more of a woman of my world
  19. Sky dive!
  20. Make a lot of money
  21. Try sushi. Yucks! (and I like it)
  22. Get a beautiful stomach
  23. Grow up to be just like my mom
  24. Have professional photos taken
  25. Be kinder to my brothers
  26. Always willing to try and learn something new
  27. Stop eating fast food!
  28. Publish my novel
  29. Read Harry Potter
  30. Swimming at Greece
  31. Volunteer at social entity
  32. Love my enemies
  33. Travel across the country
  34. Visit Bali, ALONE
  35. Be loyal and committed friend
  36. Don't be so judgmental
  37. Never cheating on boyfriend or husband
  38. Buy Zara cloth
  39. Start taking dance class again
  40. Write a song
  41. Become a dedicated wife and mother, when I'm married
  42. Get involved with "JM" event
  43. Live n Heaven with my family forever
  44. Get my life more organized
  45. Stop complaining
  46. Start cooking more
  47. Making a scrapbook of my life
  48. Finish my photo album with friends
  49. Captured a beautiful sunset
  50. Tell my family everyday that I love them
  51. Go to a school reunion
  52. Get over my fear of cockroaches and spiders
  53. Say "No" gracefully
  54. Balance my checkbook
  55. Find the best deal
  56. Whip up a great dinner with 5 kind of foods left in my fridge
  57. Make love in the kitchen, of course when I'm married
  58. Own a room with a view
  59. Send a message on a bottle
  60. Plant a tree
  61. Be the boss
  62. Buy Vera Wang "Princess" parfume
  63. Sleep under the ***** (read: stars)
  64. Take a ride on the highest roller coaster in the world (question: where and which one?)
  65. Donate a large amount of money (ANONYMOUSLY)
  66. Accept myself for who I am
  67. Visit the holy land
  68. Create my family tree
  69. Look into my child's eyes, see myself
  70. Build a snowman
  71. Make a short movie
  72. Be successfully self-employed
  73. Have a meaningful conversation with beggar
  74. Have a complete series of Pretty Little Liars book (Book #1-8)
  75. Work at an MNC
  76. Retire misswhadevr and back to/maintain memories of saturday
  77. Make a calendar
  78. I love being a bridesmaid, I wanna get another chance and experience again
  79. Go to dermatologist (2010)
  80. Remove my wisdom teeth (I had 2 of 4 darn things out in 2009)
  81. Sell my beverages/cookies
  82. Get a chick haircut
  83. Get a perfect shape cheeks
  84. Pierce my ears (2010)
  85. Be friends with my exes' wife
  86. Eat mango/drink mango juice
  87. Go camping with husband and my kid(s)
  88. Open a bank account, depositing at least Rp 1,000,000,- a month upon opening
  89. Meet my Dutch college friends again
  90. Use only green bags
  91. Send homemade birthday/anniversary cards
  92. Sew at least a pair of socks for my kid(s)
  93. Take the AP Test
  94. Have a great lunch with high school chairmates (2009 birthday)
  95. Run a full marathon
  96. Using earth-friendly cleaning products
  97. Throw eggs or tomatoes at something
  98. Get new cheap shoes, draw on them, and wear them more than once
  99. Find a perfume that really suits my personality, and make it my signature scent
  100. Write a letter for 40 years old me
First review: March 1st, 2011 (10/100)
Second review: March 19, 2013 (3/90)
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