This Semester Is Completely Hell.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

OMG it has been a horrible week! Tiap hari berangkat pagi pulang malem, crazy workload.. dan dengan enaknya beberapa dosen canceled lecturenya dan bikin substitute class! I am a very well-organized person, that's why I hate substitute class! Rabu seharusnya my day off, tapi selalluuu aja ada substitute class! Gimana gua ngga capek kuliah?
Belum lagi pelajaran yang bahasa kerennya Small Business Management (padahal kalo disingkat dalam bahasa Indonesia adalah MBK) udah lima minggu kuliah baru masuk satu kali. Dan hell-ooo.. dua minggu lagi udah mid term!! I'm pretty sure this semester feels like kinky shit!

As a result, I have no real motivation for study nowadays. I missed Service Marketing class this morning (after my MBK's lecturer canceled our class). Instead of working on tomorrow's ASSignmentS, my friends and I were playing in study room (game of the day: Family Feud!) and IM-ing each other (padahal duduk juga deket-deketan). It was cool! I love cabut!


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