Hi there!

You can call me Maya, but my first name and last name are not really Maya. My middle name? It isn't even Maya. I also go by "Misswhadevr" elsewhere on the Internet. Born 1987 and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, where I still live today.

I am a full time employee who loves ice cream, pizza, and day trips. I grew up listening to New Kids On The Block, Queen, ABBA, and watching Mickey Mouse Club. When I'm not journaling, I am probably working, playing guitar, reading books, or running. And oh, I love taking pictures!

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and breast tumours. I had surgeries to remove they growth from my insides. I didn't expect the surgery to be the magic bullet that solved all of these problems but I do expect the effects will last longer. Follow the story here.

This blog is a solid concrete path into my endless thought process, and is basically a catalogue disasters journal. I'm horrible at keeping journals, but you can expect to find random acts of stupidity, stories about the many things, and other things that I have let go of what I cannot change and try to live in the present day of my life. So enjoy whatever bits of sanity and insanity you find here.

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