Monday, April 28, 2008

So, Who Wants to See an Idiot?

If I owned a diary, today's entry would be something like this:

Today, I'm not feeling so good. I woke up, ate breakfast, watched CSI at 10 AM, then I have nothing to do with my ass.

I was like.. MY GOD! What kinky shit is going on with me? I have turned on/off my laptop many many many many timesss but I couldn't do anything with it. I've opened, re-opened, re-re-opened my lecture books, but still, I'm too lazy to read them.

OMG OMG I can't breeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaathe! And hell, I have an exam tomorrow! It will be multiple choice WITHOUT reason. It's fun, eh? Eeeerrrghh.. I'm not sure.


Unknown said...

lol. spending a day full of boredom huh? I wanna see that idiot btw

Andra said...

who's idiot? i wanna see 'her' x)
ujian nih yeeeeee...! masih jaman hari gini ujian? masih jaman diajak jalan ngomongnya, "gw gak bisa, ada ujian"? masih jaman belajar? haha good luck anyways