Not Just a Single Life.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

This is a normal thing.. it's reasonable to believe that boy meets girl, they fall in love - dating, boy proposes girl, and they get married, have a bunch of little babies, and raise them together with love.. in that particular order.

I love babies. I want babies, too. Just because they're cute, warm, fat, drool, have a big fat diaper butts, so lovely, and are made from the real love. But I'm not "Just forget education and work, and to just get married and have babies" type of woman. Hahaha.. life is not that easy.

"There's something that happens to you when you have a child. Suddenly you're not just you anymore, not just a single life. Suddenly there's someone else's life that's far, far more important than your own. This precious life is at the very centre of your being, and you know that you would die for him and if necessary you would kill for him. The love is immeasurable, Dominic. (....)" - Carla Gordon to her son, Dominic Gordon (Unique, a novel by Alison Allen-Gray).

What Carla said was simple and very common, but honestly, IDK, I was dazzled at that. You're not just you anymore, not just a single life..


  1. Wah Mayyy emang begitu kenyataannya kok ;D Kalau gitu kapan nikahnya? Kan udah dilamar? =D

  2. :wink:wink:wink:

    Agree... :) Sebenernya ketika mulai dating, udah termasuk 'not just a single life' ;) itu namanya process, Honey! Cuma memang ketika kita punya anak, di situlah segalanya berubah total, and 'you're not just you anymore'

    C'est la vie!

  3. Viwie: Buset lo gosip beneran dah... Emang gitu yah, Wie? Ngga kebayang gua..

    Teteh: Iya juga yah.. huhuhu... C'est la vie! =]

    Thanks experienced mommas!

  4. Ya ampun... nggak biasanya lo pulang dari bali pikirannya jadi gini... jangan2 gosipnya bener... kita liat setelah lo balik lagi gimana perkembangannya... geleng-geleng... geleng-geleng... geleng-geleng...

  5. Ow MD, it took 1 year for me to get ready to have a baby in d' middle of my marriage w/ hubby... ini mmg masalah mental ya... but I belive, saat seorang perempuan (yg sudah menikah tentuna) udah diizinin hamil sama tuhan, tandanya dia sudah mampu & sanggup mengemban tugasnya sebagai ibu :))

  6. Kibo: Gosip apa sih Kibo Sayurrr? Nantang gua urusan gosip yah? Hah? Hah? Nantang yah?

    Nova: I believe in it too! Congratulation on your pregnancy, anyway..

  7. well... lg mikirin mau punya baby ya mai??

  8. Gyahahahah.. kapan ya Tarrrr..?

    Tunggu tanggal mainnya saja! *kedip-kedip*


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