Tuesday, July 8, 2008


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Here I pronounce the sexiest time in my life that I've just finished my final exam *the LAST final exam* so it means I've already completed 6th bloody semester in hell!! I'm as freeeee as a biiiiiird! *shoot meee* Well, I put minimum effort for this semester but I wish I did more than okay.

I got some funny facts during exams. There are normal people there:

  1. The cougher
  2. The cheater
  3. The professor aka sleeper
  4. The lazy people (who haven't finished but pretend they are, so they can dribble dried snot onto their paper)
  5. Lecturer/assistant that doesn't care
  6. Lecturer/assistant that does
  7. A guy/girl that tries to talk to you
  8. A guy who considers "30 minutes is a little too late but this is really cool" (sitting beside me)
Okay I should go, because I'm hungry.


Unknown said...

congratulation bird!
Anyway I was a number 4 but I dribbled SHIT onto paper.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I was a no 3 and no 4 and sometimes a no 7. Psychology exam questions were crazy... darn freakin' loooooooooooong wordy pagesssss and definitions

Maya Junita said...

LOL... It's not a confession board :p But I appreciate it. Really :D

Edgar: Whose shit? Yours? *I just puked*

Teh Adinda: I thought psychology is fun! Ugh.. I hate wordy pages and definitions

Anonymous said...


Congratulation, Baybey!