Monday, July 28, 2008


This morning I went to campus to manage my files and accidentally I met my so-called old friends from Management-1 class, my first class at Uni. We had our first year full of fun until I transferred myself to this so-called excellent class (I still remember that sweet little farewell party they made for me) and got other crazy friends. Right after I quit, they began to share a special bond. We are still doing good, even though I lived my Uni life a little too forward. They see each other like everyday, but I see them when I see them. But who cares? It's always nice to see them.

So I dressed up in jeans and T-Shirt - I was a typical out-of-fashion student and.. suddenly, I realized something. Something bad. About my thighs. And my arms.

I looked like a fat bitch oh my God!

I made plenty mistakes this holiday with ate too much yummy foods, snacks, ice creams, la-la-las which were delicious but somewhat derailed the weight loss plan. I probably put the pound I lost last semester this holiday. Okay, but the jeans and T-Shirt still fit so I should be fine as long as I'm good for the next year.

However, there are some thoughts that have been swirling around my head over the last couple of days:

First, vacation. My friends and I are creating a fabulous vacation for next August. I can't hardly wait! Ow, just an update, we went to Bandung last Friday and it was fun! I'm not going to elaborate the trip because I made the vlog :P

Second, work. I need a job and I'm interested to apply CV in company *******. Wish me luck.

Third, my love life. Once bf's undergrad school over, he'll move to somewhere due to legal issue. And we're stuck with this 'decision'. But okay, we've been together for this 2 years and that will, hopefully, have given the relationship strength to tolerate the separation. Baby, I'm not thinking about being uncomfortable with this condition so it doesn't make me afraid that I'll eventually lose the relationship. Because I loooove you.

Fourth, thighs and arms. Are BIG. Shit.


Unknown said...

I love you, too!

nova said...

Aku suka banget deh kalau MD udah nulis I Love You, dan Chemical Romancenya comment cuma buat nulis I Love You too... _Nova