Saturday, July 19, 2008


I say, "Yee", then you say, "Haaaw!" *don't hit me* Okay, a lot of updates but it's not gonna be a long post because actually we've (my bf and I) made the vlogs of the week (the vlogs are about the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th thing below).

First up, holiday was awesome and lovely - drove about 1,234,567 miles *but you know, I just lied again. About the miles*
Second, the sweetest man I've ever met just turned 22 on July 18th, he getting pranked, surprise gone wrong, but everybody's happy. I'm uploading the sorry if it appears very dark video to my Facebook. Edgar has the good ones, I guess.
Third, happy dating anniversary, Baby!!
Fourth, self-timer isn't the worst photographer in this world although we need to struggle to keep that grin and people who watch it will 'love' how everyone's like a statue for 10 secs.
Fifth, I learned a valuable lesson about technology while I was taking a picture but pressed record instead - result: "What a loser?" Haha that was funny x) So funny how everyone was just freeze for about 99,175 secs!
Sixth, I almost got bloody straight A's!!

I was so f***in' chuffed! I'm absolutely lovin' my life!

Bored now.. Gonna watch the vlogs we made.


Unknown said...

Happy anniversary, too!

M: "Okay say 'Cheese' everyone!"
Ev1: "Cheeeeeeeeeeeeese..."
Cam: *Tit*
M: "Uhm, okay. Uhm... Stay cheese everyone.
Ev1: "..........."
M: "Uhm, wait. Okay. But... Wait! WHATTALOSER!"
Ev1: &^!##%$^$$#@!#$%

Congratulation for your almost-blooody-straight-A's, anyway!!! I'm so proud of you!

Maya Junita said...

Hahaha thank youuu..

So, stay cheese everyone..!