Friday, August 8, 2008

Have No Idea What to Name this Post.

Good evening! Just another boring journal to fill my time.

I was ill yesterday afternoon, had a fever with a temperature of 38' C, but I'm okay today. The first aid of fever is drink a lot of water, around 12,329 gallons per night that makes you tend to pee frequently. So I did it, and it worked *AND I PEED FREQUENTLY, THAT WAS COOL!*. And today I bought a new novel, went to the bank, and ate too much.

Anyway, it's 12:17 AM and I know why I'm still awake. Night is sexy right? WOW! Just realized something: Happy 080808! I remember I had my 19th birthday on 060606 so everyone called me "Omen" that day. So for those people whose birthday is 080808.. I'm gonna call you "Olympic" because you are going to sharing your birthday with the opening of the Olympic in China. Hohoh..

My mom always told me, "8th of August gonna be your wedding date!" *don't take it seriously or I'll hit you* and I bet today is the most peak wedding date in this year *cheers for the newlyweds*. Next year, 090909 will be the holy date. Ouch! I guess I know whose birthday is it.

Anyhoo.. my days.. I've been working on my novel (the sequel), then I stuck. I've set myself some challenges that I'm not sure I can actually complete. But writing is about.. writing, right? IDK.

And one more. Jim Sturgess! I love his eyes!! He's the "OMG he's so hot that I swear I'm gonna faint!" type of guy when you first lay your eyes on him. If you don't know him, you're online, go Google! I'm gonna sleep.