Friday, August 1, 2008

These are Crazy!

I've been staying home for 3 days, which is not so great idea to spend this looong undefined holiday. These days are boring, where I sleep 'til noon everyday, wake up if my tummy grumbles, lie on my bed, and really, I'm listening too much to my walkman phone pretty loud. I'm totally wasting my holidays. And I'm totally guilty about it. Thus, I need to kick my butt into gear next week.

Meanwhile, Fastnet is damn irritating! I'm experiencing very slow internet connection these days, so it was like my laptop gonna explode before the page completely appears. Google homepage connects quickly, but Facebook, Friendster, or MySpace, and all of my e-mails take about 30 secs - 1 min to appear. Bloody hell, someday I'll throw a gas bomb to Fastnet. And also, sometimes my 2 years laptop fails to catch my wireless signal. Why oh why? So stoopit, it caught my neighbors' wireless signals, not mine!

Anyway, do you know Matthew Gray Gubler, a guy who plays Dr. Reid in Criminal Minds and Joe Joe in R.V. (also the voice of Simon the chipmunk in Alvin and the Chipmunks *LOL*)? I found his website [link], and all I can say is: amazing! I love his artworks. His website is not like typical celebrities' websites, he has no photo and no biography in it, but his handwritings and artworks. It inspires me a lot, because I draw and stretch too (during lecture hehehe *don't hit me*). I'll probably upload my drawings to this blog someday (yeah, it's been a while since I uploaded this and this).

So I have to stop posting. I hate wordy posting on my blog. Have a nice weekend!


Larastika said...

udah buka gw may webnya dia. bagus banget! hihi gw juga ni gada kerjaan banget liburan ini. ada sp si seminggu 3 kali, tapi the rest of it, KOSONG!

Maya Junita said...

Hihi iya kan keren, Tik?
Masi mending lo ada SP? Gua, completely jobless sampe gendut :(