Sunday, December 28, 2008


I wrote a long long long feckin' long post last monday when i was
sitting at bistro delifrance citos with friends, but this xda's ie
layout was pissing with me. Last monday, my poor lappy was officially
hospitalized, and here i am.. Surfing through the xda's 3 inches
screen. It's not a big deal, but when xda fails to catch wifi signal..
I'm goin' crazy.
So i abandon my thesis atm :D somehow i feel happy and oh God days
without thesis is unbelievable! I dunno, i'll make some major revision
on my thesis but idk whether it could be done or not. Just pray for me
everything will be alrite :)
What else? Happy belated mother's day :D and speaking about moms, i
think my life sorrounded by incredible and ahmazing moms, including my
mom and grammy. My friend is a new mom, Ninta. She just celebrated
her birthday, and she looked so gorgeous with T-shirt and jeans and
baby E on her lap. Cute.. I wanna be like her, simple, fun,
fashionable, and smart mom! Uh okay, too forward. Firstly i have to
find my future husband, 'the partner'.
It's x'mas! And 2009 is approaching! And low batt! And xda vs wifi
signal = suck! If you read this, congratulate me because it
puliblished successfully. If you are not, imagine what will happen to
my broken heart.. Sorry bad grammar because i AM crazzeh..
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