Friday, December 19, 2008

It Looks Like My Poor Laptop is Very SICK!

I don't think this afternoon could've started off any worse! This morning I was on my laptop and there were absolutely NO problem. And I did nothing to my laptop but IM-ing and browsing. Nothing! I started it this afternoon when I was at Starbucks Cafe Citos with my friends (cough*thesis*cough) and it gave me a freak sound. So I shut it off, then turned it on again. Still, there is a loud freak sound came from my laptop and it WAS embarrassing!

And the WORST things were that:
1. My thesis is on it
2. My thesis is on it

I just hope it is there if or where it works again and I'm using desktop computer and PDA phone for the moment. Might not be around doing anything for a while if laptop doesn't fix ASAP. Of course I would have to do a full recovery because I can't lose anything - seems like my life was on my laptop. Huhuhu I feel naked! My laptop has my life on it (THESIS I MEAN THESIS!). I've taken the back up, but it was a week ago! If I lose any of it, I will cry D': Isn't that crazy, that you can rely so heavily on a laptop?

God, this situation is in your hands. I trust that my data will be retrieved, and there won't be too much money involved. Allow my uncle or computerman or whoever the ability to access my files. Amen.

I am literally going to explode!


Unknown said...

it looks like my poor little friend is very sick... :D
get well soon dear lappy

Adinda Adhit said...

Hei girl, I'm so sorry to hear about your laptop. I really hope someone can fix it. I'll be praying. Muah!

Unknown said...

I miss your shit and crap!
get well soon, lap!