Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My close friend is gettin' engaged tomorrow. Please pray for her and her future, because engagement is a big step in everybody's life. For me, it's a sort of commitment between a couple that they will get married in future. That means.. my friend and her boyfriend are getting married!!! Oh God, I'm so happy for them!

Otherwise, I still think an engagement is not necessary and it doesn't guarantee anything, but I knew, there are some advantages of getting engaged before marriage. Maybe.. if there's a time of 1 year between engagement and marriage, maybe both the parties has enough time to make a clear judgment about each other and go for a right decision of marriage. Just maybe.. because I've never been there thus I don't understand about it (tell me about an LDR, I'll provide you with the best answer). I think.. maybe.. it is something nice to have, but pointless, because I think it doesn't enhance love, as the love grows each other. So boyfriend.. I don't want to get engaged, hmm.. I prefer direct marriage.. :D

Congratulation and good luck to soon-to-be-weds! Oh yeah.. I have a thesis defense in couple of days. Please pray for me, too x)

Hungry. I'm goin' to eat fried rice followed by oh-so-super-yummy dessert: thesis.


Unknown said...

made ini bukan nyindir kan? tapi gw setuju de! and GOOD LUCK for your thesis defense!

Adinda Adhit said...

Ah yes it does not guarantee anything, but I think it's not pointless... it depends in the person and his/her preferences. Naaah are you getting married? We need to IM A S A P

@ Noiy: Lo mikir nyindir... Gw mikir clue... xD

Maya Junita said...

Adinda: Nyoooo I'm not.. I swear...

Noiy: Nope. Eh, thanks anyway, I passed it :)