Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Well, At Least.. I Wore an Underpants.

So everyone who followed my Twitter entry knew about a snake in my bedroom. That night I was in the phone call with a friend of mine who was supposed to call me a day before. It was about 11 PM or so, and we had been talking on the phone for more than an hour. Suddenly, I saw something moving near my mirror. I glanced and kept talking and, "OH MY GOD, MET (friend's nicks), CALL YOU LATER!"

It was a snake. A baby snake actually (whaddaya call it? A baby snake). A ran downstairs, knocked my mom and dad's room. When dad opened the door, I yelled, "There's a snake in my room. A baby snake, I guess.. But.. it's a snake!"

Then I realized.. I wasn't wearing pants. Of course I wore underpants you bitch!

So daddy asked the security to catch the little snake. It took 5 minutes and I was like, "Errr what took you so long?!" Dad said the snake was only an index finger thin but was more than 30 cm long. WTF. I loved snake though, but I was freaked out that night. And a snake in bed room.. it doesn't make any sense.

Yesterday, a weird insect landed on my laptop screen. It looked like a mosquito (only it was a little bit bigger), but the mosquito has spiders legs! I mean I saw 4 or 6 long legs and a pair of giant wings (giant enough for a mosquito).. I reached a broom and when I got back it was disappear. But WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?! Looks like a perfect fertility between a spider and a mosquito. Ew..

At the same day, my mom said, "Don't you think the lizards are getting bigger? I mean.. look at their shits!" I rolled my eyes. Puh-leeze, Mom.. Lizzard's shit? Bigger than usual? Is it?

What happened to my little house??


Unknown said...

I believe God protected you well.
anyway, your room is a mess

Maya Junita said...

Yes it is :(