Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Look, look! A birthday present!

My high school friends gave me this.. as a birthday present. They're my angels because I didn't tell them that I really, really, REALLY, need a bed lamp - they knew what I need. They just knew.

Sunday afternoon, they told me to open my birthday present from them, in front of them, and suddenly I got a heart attack. I got a bad feeling. I thought that was a some kind of pandora box, or it might be a trap. I only imagine the next minutes I'll be screaming because a creepy green-haired idiot clown jumped out of the box. I was so terrified. But then, I read the top of the box, and I realized it's a bed lamp, something that I needed. But wait, what does "Boy Naughty" mean? Uh-oh, it's something naughty.... Maybe it was a good thing that I couldn't pull the lamp out of the box *it was stuck*, because the next thing I knew, I grope for the gift, and OMG.. I-just-touched-his-BIRD! I felt H.O.R.R.E.N.D.O.U.S.!

Dude and Dudettes, don't try to picture me doing something immoral because I have a little tiny cute BIRD to be touched every night and every morning.

So okay, it's June!
Baby Olivia, known as Adinda & Adhit's Little Peanut was born on June 6th! I told Adinda not to deliver her last Saturday. LOL :P (She's so gorgeous! I want baby!) It's a very funny fact anyway. June 7th, Ninta & Chreza's Evan turned ONE! The next day, 8th of June, Chreza turned almost 30 years old! LOL. And todayyyyy.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABHI MY FOREVER DISASTER! May each and every passing year bring all of you wisdom, peace, and cheer. And tomorrow is my Dad's birthday!

By the way, I just arrived home from Bandung and I met my brothers :D I am a little bit tired so I think I'm going to bed right now (what time do you think I'll get up to?). Would anyone of you join me *and the Bird*? I think I'll be back soon. I love telling story :d But no idea when. GTG, Bird is waiting.


Unknown said...

eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! yay birthdays! foods!

Unknown said...

pake *PRON* alert donk honey!

igor: belagu lu, kayak ada di sini aja minta makan!

Adinda Adhit said...

"BIRD"!!! *LAUGHING.MY.A$$.OFF!!!!!!*
Happy birthday to the June Babies!

Unknown said...

YES! You didn't forget to mention my son & husband's birthday! YES! Hahaha
Happy belated birthday again =P