Friday, January 1, 2010


Hello, it's new year day! And since it's new year day, I thought that it'd be perfectly fine for me to pick one of my favorite entry for each month from 2009, and compile them in an entry. Here we are:

  1. In January, I published the list of my crazy ideas. Oh my God, it's so embarrassing. I'm sorry, Self! However, I can't wait to evaluate them :)
  2. In February, I passed my thesis defense. I'm a bachelor! Yay!
  3. In March, ............. I.............. wrote.... Wrote a letter.. To. My. Future. Husband. Dude, why do I always embarrass myself in public place?
  4. April was full of random stuff. Yeah, I'm horrible at keeping journals. But whatevs.
  5. In May, I met some genius people. Probably the most genius people ever to walk the face of the earth.
  6. In June, I turned 22. Also, some of my friends were getting older.. even the oldest are getting older. And by the way, I love this little guy.
  7. In July, I realized that creating an entry title is not an easy task. Especially when it comes to my randomness, boredom, etc..
  8. In August, I broke up with my boyfriend but we're still doing great right now.
  9. In September, WTF? ONLY ONE ENTRY? *Passed out*
  10. No entry at all in October.. YIKES!
  11. In November, I wrote 4 entries.. Hahaha.. What a progress. But I think November was overflowing with amazing horror feelings and it was tragedy for my brain.
  12. And finally, In December, I needed allergy meds.

Okay, when I started this post, I didn't know that making this list is a little bit difficult. Also, this morning I changed my blog template to "ADULT" template. Now I have lot of pichurs just waiting to be uploaded to my photoblog, but I'm hungry. I guess I'll be back soon.

So happy new year all. Set goals for yourself and go for 'em!

♥, Me.