Sunday, May 15, 2011

The ascension of procrastination.

I've come to the conclusion that I cannot learn or work without music. The only thing that matters: I need to hear some words. That's true. I vowed to make a new playlist every month, and to be specific, I name the playlists "(Month) (Year)". But if you see the current playlists on my iPod, you wouldn't find April 2011 and May 2011 playlist, because I made the most brilliant playlist name *eh-ver*: Thesis Anthem. It accurately describes my inner turmoil and backpain. It consists of 125 songs from 1960s to 2011; from Fleetwood Mac to Demi Lovato via Sixpence None The Ritcher; from alternative rock to acapella; and from boybands to gays.

Other than the "Thesis Anthem", I like to keep coffee by my desk because the caffeine and its smell wakes me up. Bengawan Solo's Brandi Cookies is the best, followed by 7-eleven's Cappucino, or maybe Torabika's Cappucino (I don't like Starbucks' frappie). I just dragged myself to the nearest 7-eleven (Pondok Indah) and bought a medium cup of hot cappucino. I usually have it cold in my own tumbler, but now aka the lazy and sleepy night, hot cappucino have won me over. And look, I use paper glass (not tumbler) which means I hope it will get colder soon. Kaboom!

Okay, so this post is just another form of procrastination. I hate thesis. Oh yes, there must be a holiday in some part of this country tomorrow. Congratulations! Once again, I hate thesis. Okay, I promise for the next hours, I will put all stress aside and just enjoy life while I work. Bye.

♥, Me.