Sunday, September 4, 2011

And the chat continues.. (NKOTB Edition)

It was Friday night. I was widely awake because of a cup of Brandi Cookies coffee I drank in the afternoon. I had to pee so Qintara was alone at the chat room for less than 2 minutes. Her message when I was back to my computer triggered New Kids on the Block subject.
Me: ...................................................... You're having sex, I know!
Qintara: No... *poker face* I'm singing Hangin' Tough - NKOTB.
Me: Hahah LOL. I love NKOTB!
Qintara: Awwwwwww me too! :* :* :*
Me: .. since 1990 :D
Qintara: Since 19.......87 what the fuck amai that old?
Me: Yes yyyyyeewwww are!
Qintara: My favey is Jordan Knight. He made me really wanted to have a Knight husband *love struck*
Me: Joey McIntyre is the best! And also Donnie Wahlberg. I like his character as whoever Reagan in Blue Bloods.
Qintara: We were little kiddos back then, we didn't even understand what boyband is, what love is -now I believe I am not that old- but now they are reunited, I have 1 kiddo, a husband, and they still have those cccccccuuuuuuute eyes, those moves, aw aw aw... They look much better grown ups!!!!!
Me: Haha
Qintara: HOT PAPAs!
Me: Whaaa? O_O
Qintara: =D
Me: I'm listening to Single hehe.. and I disagree when Donnie says "Just pretend that I am your man tonight". Sheeesh! Loving that song but they are too old to sing that song. "Just pretend that I am your papa tonight" is more suitable.
Qintara: No way! Donnieeeee T_T I don't mind........... *love struck*
Me: .............
*Qintara was typing*
Igor has signed in (my ex pacar)
*Qintara was typing. AND she pressend enter*
Qintara: He don't tell that you're beautiful, let me tell you to the beat, he don't tell you that he loves you girl let me sing it in the harmony =)
Igor: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'???????? Are you referring it to Maya?
Qintara: Lyric, stupid.... lyric.
Igor: Okay okay okay okay okay the subject matter is too sensitive for me to discuss so I'm signing out. Bye-bye ladies, tell me when it's over.
Igor has signed out.
Qintara: I invited him because we need to discuss about our song list tonight.
Me: I know. You should reinvite him.
Qintara: Okay. Wait a minute.
Me: Yep.
Qintara: Bad news. He rejected my invitation.
Me: .....................................

Still, got a bad feeling about this reunion.