Friday, July 6, 2012

Catching up.

One month ago today, I turned 25. Twenty five. For the first time I really thought I was transforming from a girl-not-yet-a-women to an adult on my birthday. I'm an adult. And I am quiet happy about that.

So what's up?

I have a (new) boyfriend and we're in an adult relationship. So what does it feel like to be in love again? It's beautiful! :) When his persona and enigma have always made you nervous, what else do you want in life to fall in love with him over and over again? Both of us are weird and we believe life's weird, too. To make it short, everything has been amazing.

Now into work. I'm in low season but I can see the craziness is going about to start again this July. Also, please keep in mind that we all have worked hard getting a degree (or two), but in the long run, experience always comes out. Please respect each other and be professional. Share and transfer your knowledge, because knowledge is no value unless you put it into practice :)

It's 2:15am BTW. Time to go back to work. Hope we all have a nice weekend.

♥, Me