Friday, February 29, 2008

Thinkin' About My Future Days.

I didn't kesampean to buy come ice cream tonight, so I decided to make another cold beverage, which is Chococino. It is my bf's favorite beverage because I have a secret recipe to make it much better than another Chococino. Wanna know? Ngga mau kasih taulah yaaa..

So, my few weeks of madness have come to an end and I have few days to take a breathe. As I noticed, I had a stressful time for few weeks. And my blogging is one way to release the tiredness.

On next Monday, new semester begins. And for the next couple of months I'll be concentrating on finishing my last semester (Yay!!). Oops, and also my event, but it will be over in the middle of March.

Next, my bf plans a vacation for us. Yay! Once again, YAY!! He's always been lovely so I have always been sure that I wanted to be with him. Aww.. prikitiw!

Speaking about him, he's currently in Hamburg and will be back on Sunday night. He just called me this afternoon and said, "Hi it's me! I....", then, tut-tut-tut.. Oh shit.. Entah jaringan dimana yang rusak dan membuat teleponnya putus. Tapi emang ya, seharian di sini hujan mulu. Dan katanya awan gelap dan besar menyelimuti Jakarta. Oooohh.. so skerriiii....

In short, this is a right moment to release my tiredness!


Unknown said...

mayur, aku dpt label ya?
I'll be back soon. I miss you, darl!!

Maya Junita said...

Yes yes yes. I'm waiting!