Saturday, March 1, 2008

What Does Saturday Mean?

After 3 postings today, oh well, yesterday, I left my laptop in my bedroom and I went to my living room, watched TV, and ketiduran di sana. My laptop is been ON for 12 hours, and I left it ON for k-e-t-i-d-u-r-a-n! What the hell was I thinking about?

And today is Saturday. I don't know what Saturday is, but all I know, almost every Saturday I ask my friends, "Nanti malem pada kencan?". Sounds weird, but I just wanna know apakah mereka pacaran malam ini atau ngga, karena kalau gua pacarannya Jum'at malem, kecuali kalau Jum'at malem ada halangan, baru ganti Sabtu atau hari lainnya. Soalnya Sabtu itu bagi gua dan pacar gua adalah waktu buat hang out sama temen-temen (bisa temen-temen kita berdua atau temen masing-masing), because..

When we were single, we really like Saturdays.

There. I said it on my own opinion. When I was single, on a regular basis I found myself feeling free to do anything on Saturdays. It's easy to entertain yourself on a Friday night and on Saturday such as celebrating the end of the week, staying up all hours at night, good DVDs, shopping, cleaning, hanging out with friends.. But on Sunday after a weekend, the shine has gone and it's hard to think of interesting ways to pass the time. I mean, you have to prepare everything to face tomorrow, which is Monday, including tidur lebih cepet.

We don't want to reduce our happy Saturdays. So we've decided to make Friday nights for our kencan day.

But next week, things aren't the same because I have an afternoon class on Friday and it ends around 6 PM. So I think it's better to change our kencan day to Saturday, or another day if possible, than having a sweat-and-oiled-date.

When I was single, I can manage and control my time by my own jigong, and being in a couple, I have to build a better time management. But being in a couple is still pretty damn special.

Oh, here, I wish a very happy birthday for Angkii (22). And, uhm, for Diandra: Happy wedding day!

So.. Nanti malem pada kencan?


Anonymous said...

Saturday is...
Saturday is...
Ehm... yes you're totally right!

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