Friday, March 14, 2008

Busy, Traff*ck, and (His) Injury.

I am so incredibly busy. As you can imagine, I have a lot of tasks and assignments to do; in the other hand, my event will be held in the mean time. Soooo.. I'm goin' krezi and I got a headache with additional 'muntah blewah' attack.

About my upcoming event, it's an educational event which is not-so-me. I'm not into educational stuff, and being the project manager or chief of this event is a new experience for me. Honestly, I don't like it. It's pretty bad! But my commitment with my team is above everything.

Last Monday, my bf was injured in a lampu panggung jatoh tragedy. It cause broken a vertebrae in his neck. But thanks, God, he is not paralyzed or amnesia, and he will be fine although it'll take a long while.
This afternoon he texted me and said that he's fine and not in pain anymore but it really bother him to has to wear the brace for 5-7 weeks.
I pray for your recovery, Darl..

And, Ladies and Gentlemen, what the hell happened at Jakarta Wednesday night? I spent almost 4 hours, once again, ALMOST FOUR HOURS from Grogol to PI!! One of my friend gave up and decided to bermalam di PS, and another one sampe dijemput pacarnya naik motorrr! Lucunya, begitu gua lewat arteri PI, underpassnya kelelep.. Idih.. Plis deeeeeehh..

Looking forward to next week, I have 1 repetition presentation and approximately 4-5 assignments, and also the event. Then, I am supposed to have a very long weekend (it starts from Wed 'til Sun), but, yeah, it won't happen because of a shitty shit substitute class on Wed. Gaddamit!

P.S: Task no. 3: Completed!


Andra said...

4 jammm? tek-tok jkt-bdg cukup tuh.
untung selasa kemarin gw pulang kantor cepet & bawa mobil sendiri. klo gak ikutan aidil pulangnya jam 23.30
parah jakarta parah....
wiken besok jd pd jumpa kannnnn?

Maya Junita said...

Emberrrrrrrr.. Kesel bgt gua sama Jakarta! Mana kemarin lewat daerah Gading tuh lobang-lobang jalanannya udah kayak bathtub tau. Gede-gede amat.
Lo masih nyetir ya? Sadis juga.

Iya-iya insya Allah jadi..