Thursday, March 6, 2008

List of Things That I Wanna Post Before My 30th Post!

As far as I know, that is my longest title. Peace.

Okay, people created blog because of single or multiple reason. And the reason why I created this new blog because I want to be more organized about organizing my posts. I can use it as my own -online- diary, to review magazines or books, to build my wishlist, to share anything that I thought and anything I want to say, and some other reasons.. Hoah, I have been having loads of fun with this world of blogging!

So, this is my kalo-ngga-salah 20th post in this new blog and I am deciding to make a silly game called: List of things that I wanna post before my 30th post! It's not a Post-Tag, so don't be afraid to looking stoopit (loh?). Here goes (in random order)..

  1. Novel review post
  2. Another magazine review
  3. Updating my campus life story
  4. Something about si Bihun
  5. A quiz result! Aha!
Although according to the list I still have 5 spaces to blog about random things, it seems hard for me because I always blog about random things. I need a commitment to do my own game. Well.. IDK, it looks silly, but I have to stay on target. Wish me luck!