Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Toilet Paper.

I'm having a horrible banjir bandang in my nose because of cold. In the last 12 hours I used up one and a half rolls of toilet paper to wipe my nose from you-know-what thing. Why toilet paper? Because I can take it in a large amount and fold the toilet paper before using it. After used it passionately, all I have to do is crumple it and put it in my friend's bag wheheheheh (warning: do not try to recycle it!). I know it seems like a huge waste but I need to take my nose clean from 'that' stuff. Sorry, I just ruined your appetite.

Speaking about toilet paper, I always use it when I'm having a cold, but my bf yelled to me, "So that is how you use toilet paper, huh?". For him, toilet paper is for between-the-legs use only. Yeah, people differ in many ways, Babe. But I promise I will not use the crumpled toilet paper in my bra.

I'm not alone, anyway. Cold season is getting worse here as an effect of weather/season changes. Five of my classmates are also having a cold. Haha! Let's spread the baksil together!


  1. okay, after read this, I've lost my appetite!

    emang lg ngetrend pilek/flu. Andika sekeluarga juga sakit. gw sekeluarga udah flu shot, insya Allah jgn ikutan sakit d..

    get well soon, anyway!

  2. gw juga pilek nih! anjrit parah abis! sampe gak enak sama klien" gw...

  3. Adhit = Gyahahahah.. masih jijian aja, Dhit! Kan gua udah minta maap duluan kalo-kalo tulisan gua ini merusak nafsu makan yg baca. Yes, kompor gw menyala dengan baik.

    Diandra = O yeah.. Hahaha.. no reply, udah kita bicarakan di MSN ;)

  4. in my notes Sabrina Diandra P. Panjaitan said...
    i don't care what toilet paper is, but i use it for same purpose too (both wipe my nose & -'between the legs' thing-

    comment utk cewe2 baro: udah kenalan sama facial tissue beloom?

  5. Udah-udah.. tapi ngga asik untuk di-fold ato di-crumple :p

  6. ",,But I promise I will not use the crumpled toilet paper in my bra." Hahaha I love that part!
    Use wet handkerchief. It's better :) Get well soon, Girl!

    @Diandra: Get well soon, Preggerz!

    @Igor: So that is how u use facial tissue? x)

  7. yap, facial tissue is extra soft and it feels really nice to wipe bla-bla-blahhh..

    stress gw gara2 TP.

    funniest entry on your blog ever!

  8. Ohhh my boy loves facial tissue..