Thursday, April 3, 2008

CosmoGIRL! US, May 2007.

  • Growing up Brody (pg. 30): OMG OMG OMG OMG!
  • Guide to Choosing Sunglasses (pg.48): It was so helpful *wink*
  • What Not to Wear: Internship Edition(pg. 51): I'm gonna need it!
  • Are You a Good Friend? Quiz (pg.94): I'm a Cookie Monster, Babe! Ehm, am I monstering you?
  • SCORE: A Guy's Guide To Girls: (pg. 105): Most favorite!
  • Kisses He'll Go Crazy For! (pg. 132): Hey, someone looked like my bf! [On What Guys Really What: Ever stress about where to put your hands when you're kissing someone? Well, guys say they'd like you to put your hands on: 1. Shoulder (48%), 2. Head (27%), 3. Butt (25%). BUTT, eeehh?]
Task no. 2: Completed!


Unknown said...

just ask the mag: what's the meaning of cookie monster? because as far as I know you're a creepy monster, not cookie monster

Maya Junita said...

Aduh, Car.. mau apa artinya Cookie Monster yang jelas aku tetep pacar yang baik.. Ohohohoh..