Sunday, April 27, 2008

Future of the Past.

When I woke up this morning, I didn't hit the snooze button although the alarm spoilt my dream couldn't finish a nice story. But I crashed again to tidur-tiduran.

Then I thought about last night when Igor called me in the late night. We shared some idiot stories about our past. Igor had hilarious world and amazing love story in his past. Well, mine is.. so-so and went with the flow.

And what does the past tell us about our future?
April 2003, I was in a relationship with a boy 5 years older than me, and Igor lived abroad and dated a deaf girl.
April 2008, Igor and I have been together for 18 months. My-April-2003-ex married a girl whom he met when he was in Holland and they are living happily with their twin babies. Igor's ex has been reported engaged.

So what will happen to us (all of us) in the future?
Tomorrow? Next week? April 2009? April 2018?


Andra said...

kalo apa yang terjadi besok, minggu depan, gak terlalu penasaran. istilahnya masih di depan mata. kalo udah bulan depan, 6 bulan lagi, tahun depan...


btw gw masih suka terharu kalo inget2 cerita gori dan pacar masa lalunya. jangan marah ya madeeeee... tp itu cerita yg sengat mengharukan. lo pasti bangga punya pacar kayak gori

Unknown said...

yang comment di atas gw punya maksud terselubung apa nih? mau gw buat nangis lagi di?

for you to remember, you had a beautiful world too! we're a human, we have had our ups and downs, nothing is perfect!

btw, when we're thinking, planning, hoping, anticipating, or expecting something in the future, this is all taking place in the here and now, isn't it? but april 2018...

Unknown said...

yes it is! it's a buddhist's point though. but i think past-present-future is destiny

Maya Junita said...

Past? Present? Future? Destiny?

Andra said...

nggak kok gor,,, peace peace...
tapi dulu kan gw anak cengeng gitu, jadinya nangsi bombay gara" terharu hahaha,,,

weee igor jelek