Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just Ignore This.

01. Name: Junita R.M.D.
02. Nickname: Maya, Made (friends and fam), Juno (bf).
03. Birthday: June 6th.
04. Birthplace: Jakarta, Indonesia.
05. Zodiacal sign: Gemini.
06. Man or Woman?: A young woman.
07. Education: Uni, 6th semester.
08. Schools in which been you have recruited: Sorry, I'm not willing to list them.
09. Occupation: Uni student.
10. Residence: Family residence, no flood, no traffic, heaven on earth.
11. Blogger User Name: MD.

:: My appearance...
12. Hair Color: Dark brown.
13. Hair length: Medium kinda short.
14. Eyes Color: Dark brown.
15. Best characteristic: Uhm.. no answer.
16. Stature: 1.5 m - 42 kgs. Okay-okay I'm shooort.
17. Braces: Nope.
18. Glasses: Yes, -0.25; cyln. 0.5.
19. Piercing: Go pierce yourself!
20. Tatoos: No.
21. Left-handed or right-handed: I use both, depending on what I am doing.

:: My "First"...
22. Bestfriend: Indah, Diandra, Ica.
23. Prize: Eww.. never win prizes.
24. Sport: Eugh.. talking, I guess.
25. Pet: Uhm.. dogs (Balky and *forgot*) and a monkey! When I was 1. They were fun!
26. Vacations: Singapore, when I was 1 or 2. I was too young to remember.
27. Concert: Traditional dance OMG!
28. Love: Ehm.. I guess it was A but I'm not sure.

:: Favourites...
29. Movie: Okay, I need additional paper to list them.
30. TV program: Anything on AXN and StarWorld.
31. Color: Black. Pink. Yellow.
32. Rapero: None.
33. Band: Funeral For A Friend, Saosin, Faber Drive, Paramore, New Years Day. Okay, I need more paper to list them!
34. Song: Bravo, I already made a list!
35. Friend: All of them.
36. Candy: Riiicolaaa..
37. Sport for playing: Badminton and football.
38. Restaurant: Pizza Hut, Bintaro sektor 9.
39. Mark: Question mark. DUH!
40. Store: Definitely Hero!
41. Assignature: Marketing.
42. Animal: My bf. Mwa-mwa! Peach. LOL. Peace. I love cats.
43. Book: I told you, Pretty Little Liars.
44. Magazine: CosmoGIRL! US.
45. Shoes: My Pink-bleached Kresikars Converse and my mom's red Vincci.

:: Actually...
46. I feel: Content.
47. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Yes, a bf.
49. Eating: Air.
50. Drinking: Air.
51. Typing: This incredibly stoopit tag.
52. Online: Yap.
53. Listening: The Truth About Heaven, Armor For Sleep.
54. Thinking about: None.
55. Wishing: The bloody straight A for this semester. But it's obviously impossible, I know :(
56. Watching: None. I'll skip CSI Supreme Sunday for a reason.
57. Dressing: Homie look.

:: Future...
58. I want to have sons?: Sure, when I get married. Legally married.
59. I want to be married?: Sure, Stoopit!
60. Professions in mind?: Am I supposed to answer this?
61. Where you like to live?: Anywhere, with my happy family!
62. Car: Yellow VW New Beattle.

:: What do you like in the other sex?
63. Hair colour: Naturally dark brown or black.
64. Length of hair: Short and layered, not bald, not gondrong.
65. Eyes colour: Black or brown are always amazing.
66. Complexture: Hmm.. no answer.
67. Pretty or hot: Normal.
68. Lips or eyes: Both.
69. Hug or kiss: Okay, skip. This question is always confusing me. It depends on what you wanna share. Something warm, or something passionate?
70. Length or short: Duh?
71. Easy or serious: Both is a good personality.
72. Romantic or spontaneous: Both, it depends on the situation.
74. Sensible or noisy: Sensible.
75. Love affair or serious relation: Serious.
77. Problematic or quite: Quiet.

:: Anytime you...
78. Kiss to a stranger: I don't think so.
79. Drink: Once, twice.
80. Smoke: Used to.
81. Scape from home: Never thought about it.
82. Have a broken bone: No answer.
85. Have broken your heart: Nooo answer. It was pathetic.
86. Finished a relationship with somebody: Yes.
87. Cried by the death of somebody: Yes.
88. Cried in the school: Yes, heheh..

:: You believe in...
89. God: Sure.
90. Miracles: Yes.
91. Love in first look: OMG no.
93. Extraterrestrial: Yes.
94. Twin souls: Yes, but.. Okay, I'm not sure.
95. Heaven: Yes.
96. Hell: Yes.
98. A kiss in the first date: Never had one.
99. Horoscopes: No.

100. I tag: You! Hahaha.. I told you, read the title. Have a nice day!


Unknown said...

62. Car: Yellow VW New Beattle.


tambahin kacamuka dior lo, blondein rambut, bawa anjing pudel aja sekalian, de! future made bakalan seru klo gitu...

Maya Junita said...

Hahaha amit-amit.. amit-amit..

Yeah I know, Yellow Beatle is kinda pathetic :(

Unknown said...

aku baru tau kamu pernah punya onyet!

Noiy: haha itu kan yang kita cari sampe ke Paris? kalo itu sampe ada di Jkt dan itu pacar gw... shoot myself!