Sunday, May 18, 2008

An Anniversary Gift, From Me To You.

I draw it five times, since my Photoshop CS2 accidentally error and needed to close (and I did not save the work before).
I must admit this: I'm not good at drawing my baby's ugly face and my extremely cute face (I know you just vomited, don't forget to clean the floor), but I just added the photoshoped picture into my profile album.

So, bf: I love you!

Previous love letter.


  1. Happy anniversary, DUH! lol. sorry

    (gini deh klo mau sok2 baik sama lo berdua).

  2. Thanks, Darl! I love you too. it's a beautiful thing... I like it, really. but you folded it!!! hehehe...

    Noiy: LOL. kayaknya akhir2 ini orang pada kena syndrome salah pencet keyboard & salah kata.

  3. Thank you, Babe! Thank you, Noiy! =]

  4. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! *bersyukur lo bisa bertahan lama dengan si bule gila itu hehehehehehehehehehehehe maap gooorrrr lo nggak gila kok. miring doang!

    kalo gitu kapan kalian menikah?

  5. Perjuangan bertahan sama Gori. Sampe gua kurus, trus gendut lagi, kurus lagi..


  6. Happy belated anniversary, Sayang...