Friday, June 27, 2008


I am here, just haven't submitted like 1, 2, 3 days. Why? Because I'm enjoying my holidays! Ha and Ha! Exams? Oh, hell.. forget it. Please please please..

Alright, it's not too much of an update at all. Went to PS with Dita last Wed [link], bought some DVDs with brothers yesterday, and what else? It's getting hot in here. OMG. It's too sunny out there. OMG again. It seems somehow appropriate for horror movies. Just kiddin'. Actually, I'm thinking of having ice creams, smoothies, ice blended, ergh..

Btw, I'm not able to load Hotmail and MSN/WLM since last Mon or Tue. The screen appears to 'The connection was reset' or blahblahblah, which makes me a bit angry. So, yeah, I'm kinda experiencing some Fastnet issues at home and I promise I'll throw a gas bomb to Fastnet next time something of this happen again.

Okay, I'm hungry and I should eat something but I've eaten too much today. But who cares? I'm gonna eat some foods.