Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Say Goodbye.

Lemme tell you this past 2 years has been an emotional roller coaster. Studied in (so-called) excellent class, I've been super duper stress with assignments, tasks, and deadlines. I've also been so happy because I got 21 crazy-but-smart friends.

So I got friends anyone could ask for. We went to Dufan, Puncak, malls, cafes, karaokes, got our ups and downs, comforted and supported each other.. We were happy and laughed a lot because of the jokes and stuffs we talked about. I realized how blessed I am to have friends where we get along so well and have fun all the time, no matter what. I am so glad I was involved and made sure I got to know lots of 'different' people. No wonder if today some of us cried some crocodile's tears out.

And today was my (our) last presentation. No more lecturer, only final exams, and then: say hello to script/thesis. It made me happy, but in another hand, I'm so sad to say goodbye to those amazing friends. I LOOVEDDD Uni. Every single year I loved. It felt like high school, I swear. I can't get over how much I loved Uni. I love the (so-called) excellent class of 2005!