Monday, June 2, 2008

Ma'am Headache.

Our tutor/lecturer whom we shall refer to as Ma'am Headache, the most merciless lecturer this semester, gave us 210 minutes non-stop of 67 ML volcanic earthquake. Good.

And now, my head is still dizzying, I'm aching in butt, I'm soooo feckin' tired, I'm so sleepy, and I'm planning to skip the class next week for the sake of healthiness. Ohohoh..


  1. haha lagi mencoba bersosialisasi didunia maya pake blog ni. gua ngliat blog lo may lsg aja gua comot buat menuh2in perfiles. hehe

    pakabar lo?
    inggris lo keren amat may. hehe

  2. Comment di atas sudah di balas di blog yang bersangkutan heheh..

  3. Aku juga punya dosen gitu. Namanya Mrs. "Are You Clear?"