Saturday, May 31, 2008

The One Where Maya Gets Upset.

I am very unhappy when someone cancels our appointment. Especially when it occurs because of 'bf/gf stuff'. Probably I have a good reason for this disappointment: my bf and I are kind of person that "putting relationship and friendship in a same number". Why? Because we have our own life and we have to respect each other's. None of us can control another's life, and I'm feeling comfort with that 'rules'.

But I fully understand, different person has different perspective about this and I have to deal with it. Some people change their priority order when they start into a relationship. That's why when my friend started into a relationship I always 'back up'. So it means I'll spend less time with her. Because I know, she wants to be with her bf everyday and will act each day with him soooooo important, like if she doesn't spend every second attached to his hip the universe will go into complete chaos. I know it's up to her to make the choice of how she wants to spend her time. And I don't depend on my friends to fulfill my time *roll my eyes*.

My hypothesis is people depend on their friends for support and comfort just like they know they can depend on their friend (kinda confusing, eh?). Let's imagine. We must've a difficult relationship with our bf/gf and we will REALLY need our friend when it gets really bad. So why on earth you throw up your friends out of your days when you get a special person whom you expected will french-kissing you in every weekend?

So I am very upset right now because my friend and I supposed to hang out today and it's kinda selfish of me to be upset because she did promise and broke it because she prefers to weekending with her bf (I get upset easily when people break their promises even it's something little like promising to call me back or something). Okay, I'm really sorry, but this fact is kinda gross to me. I'm terribly sorry.


  1. sama dong, kita batal malem mingguan & akhirnya end up ngerjain thesis sambil msn-an.

    so yeay! I'm the 1st person who will comfort you!

    yah de, begitu gw baca, ini girl stuff banget. tp gw ngerti kok gimana betenya kalo janji dibatalin demi orang lain. kesannya dia jadi ngeignorin kita.

    ada 2 hal yang perlu lo tau setelah gw selesai ngebaca postingan ini:
    gw sangat suka dengan apa yang lo tulis di paragraph 2 & 3. sangat emosional tapi masih rasional

    lo kan udah jadi vokalis, inget sama salah satu lagu yang lo nyanyiin? "you only have the time when you're bored I'm not being selfish, I'm just being ignored" kenapa nggak bernyanyi saja?

    then, I have no suggestion for you, karena batalnya lo malem mingguan membuat gw punya temen ngerjain thesis sekarang hehehe...

  2. Hahah.. iya Noiy, akhirnya kita menikmati malam minggu virtually. Huh, iya being ignored gitu deh gw. Kan menyakitkan hati, jadi sampe emosi jiwa deh gua. Tapi ngga mau nyanyi lagi itu ah, soalnya reff-nya terlalu kejam untuk masalah sesimple ini x9

    Thanks ya Noiy for cheered me up!
    Mari kita nonton Final Destination di Trans TV!

  3. made... kedua kalinya gw baca ini gw nggak ketawa lagi koo... abis lo lucu banget siy kalo lagi emosi...

  4. What it seems like you're upset about is that she canceled the appointment. You have the right to be upset BUT it seems you blame something innocent. You understand how people differ in perspective about "relationship and friendship time management/priority". You know other people do not think like us. They think much simpler than we do: bf/gf is more important than friends, and end of story. How it can get connected with your disappointment?

    So, forget it and calm down. Just waiting on any little thing to make you realize you can trust her again. All girls in the world can cancel their appointments because of bf/gf stuff, but not my girlfriend. Love.

  5. Igor: Ooooohh Baby don't get mad at me for blaming the innocent thing. But I think you're right. Thanks =]

    Dee: Makasi loh langsung nelepon gua waktu malem minggu begitu tau gua bete. Mwa!

  6. Miserable banget kayanya, De... Btw comment pacarmu... bagus sekali...

  7. Iya, Nta, dia supportive sekali. Untungnya aku ngga cerita sama dia di 'kehidupan nyata'. Kalo iya bisa sebel aku dinasihatin gitu xd