Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another Random.

I feel so bloody tired right now. I went to bed at 1 AM (because of this goddamn ass), and forced myself to woke up at 5.00 AM and went for classes, then slept again for 2 hours in the afternoon due to lack of sleep. Okay, I noticed about 9,870 times in this blog, I have endless asses to be completed, mostly due next month, and pack of presentations coming on and on. I wonder I'll never get a break. And I must be crazy because despite being so busy busy busy and tired tired tired, I can still blogging, reading novels, and so-called pacaran, instead of working on the asses or catch some sleep.

Next, I'm falling in love with Madina Lake. Their House of Cards, Here I Stand, and One Last Kiss are highly recommended for pop punk or alternative rock or something-like-that lovers.

I still love my simply amazing bf.

I need a burger, preferably Blenger Burger, but we only have some brownies.

I'm currently listening to New Years Day's songs. They're pretty damn good, just like Paramore. But I prefer NYD.

*Wait! Did I say we have some brownies? YAY!*

I wanna buy Unbelievable, the 4th book of Pretty Little Liars series but it has not yet been published in Kino/Peri/Gramed. I just got some spoilers, so I already knew About A. I can't hardly wait!

*Shoot herself and bye-bye*


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