Monday, May 26, 2008

The Day the Electricity Dies + Struggle with BCG Matrix.

Okay, I didn't know what exactly happened in my so-called almost-number-one-Uni-in-Indonesia. No electricity from 7.30 AM til (around) 12 PM and I almost trapped in the elevator! Thanks God, You saved me.

Update 10.24 PM:
I'm sitting for my group report, chatting with Tari and Pipit from another group who seem getting crazy with the same report. We have to analyze and recommend the strategies that best fit to all L**** businesses by using BCG Matrix; and to support the analysis, we have to get other important information about L****. So the problem is that every data is difficult to find and we sorta rush to finish it all on time. I kinda google everything and sorta tried to find the data but I stuck. I hope the merciless lecturer will have some mercy this time.

Update 11.35 PM:
I'm hungry I need a pie.

Update Tue, May 27, 12.33 AM:
Our so-called BCG Matrix and so-called strategies has been finished... kinda.