Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Which David Do You Choose?

I don't use the phrase "Which David are you voting for?" since I am not able to vote one of them (I have to admit that I am Indonesian but I was officially hate Indonesian Idol since season 3).

In the beginning, my favorites were Michael Johns, Brooke White, and Carly Smithson (plus Danny Noriega heheheh.. thought he would make the show fresh and funny. That's why I hate Chikizie who 'sent' him home!). But all of them have been eliminated x(

As the show goes on, for many reasons, I want David Cook to win, because David Archuleta gave me heartache when he's singing. But I just watched the finale round show minutes ago on StarWorld and oh-my-God both Davids did great! And Cute Little Baby Teddy Bear Archuleta, oh God, he was amazing on round 1. No more heartache! Completely breathtaking.

But still, I hope David Cook wins!! I mean, he's awesome and always did excellent job with all songs he sang. Archuleta was monotone, but okay, he did much better in the finale round, and a bit better than Cook today.


  1. David should win!!!

    The thing is, which David?

  2. rillyyyyyyyy..????? OMG!!!!
    gw baru mau buka youtubenya *lagi loading*

    yesssh... cookie all the way!

    but big baby archuleta did well too...

  3. Really? Asiiiiiiiiiiik!!!
    5 menit lagi gue harus nonton =D

    PS: Danny Noriega? Hello, Made...? Dikira elo gak bakal suka sama yang kayak gitu =)

  4. aku david cook! dan dia yang menang! ihiyyy.



    Aq gak peduli dikatain sk sm brondong, khan Archuleta bagus juga suara & performancenya. Aq sih gak ada masalah sama kemonotonan & keballad-annya dy, soalnya aq emang suka sama ballad (& Archuleta!). Yg penting dy tallented banget!!!!!

    Tp congratz utk Cook! Dy emang lebih layak. Secara 'bahan baku'nya Idola ada di dy smwa...


  6. Mayaaaa... Itu aq, Nova ^_^ Lupa kasiiy nama...

  7. Wah Nova, temenku juga ada yang suka Archuleta. Ngga papa lah ngga jadi American Idol, tapi kan karier dia akan terus berlanjut..

  8. David Cook, bcos he's brilliant. He can take any kind of song and make into a rock song which is really good. And he won, yeeeay!
    If I were American I voted DC like 20 times and 8 times for DA. Yeah so it's like 5:2 for DC

    Mwah! <3
    Jenny Biell.