Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Assignment's Update.

Okay okay okay so whaddamidoin'?

Well, it's 12:32 AM WIB time, and after 4 hours full of blood, tears, sweat and shit, I'm proud to say that my media plan is finished yay! And I feel oh-so-damn hungry. Oh God oh God oh God. So tomorrow is a holiday, and the day after tomorrow is my day off.. so.. YAY! There are so many yays.. I'm happy.

*I'm eating butter crackers right now*

I'm going to family pengajian THIS morning, then I will probably go home to finishing my other assignments in the afternoon. I have many assignments to do: SWOT matrix for Marketing Plan, 2 journals + presentation, 2 Marketing Researches + presentation, 2 module assignments + presentations, other tasks.. God, Uni sucks my time away.

*And I have no butter crackers again*