Sunday, June 15, 2008


Forget the fun things. Organizational Behavior's module assignment presentation is tomorrow, which means tomorrow will be very full of evil, headache, earthquake, and tsunami. I hope Ma'am Headache gets trap in a crappy toilet so she can't get out and.. and.. and what? What I expect then?


I'm feeling depressed now, not scary but really depressed.
No. May be I'm just drunk and crazy and emo.
I just spent 5 x 24 hours to finish this module assignment and there were super stress moments til I even forgot my bf, my band, and my friends. I also forgot to buy a birthday present for my dad!
I'm gonna take a rest after this post. Totally. I need to breathe.

Also, Strategic Management module assignment will be held on June 24th, so I'm really sorry for my brain *because I won't let you stop thinking* and for those whom I've ignored. Wish me luck.. wish us luck x(

I'll be back for more updates and blah-blings when the evil moments gone.


Unknown said...

sombongnya semua orang... mulai dari yang sibuk akhir semester, mau kawin, kena syndrome mom-to-be, baru dipromosiin, baru dapet kerjaan, mau S3 di belanda. apalagi hah? hekhek... good luck ya cil! doain thesis gw juga donk...

Unknown said...

I'm going crazy! Recently my gf just disappeared and IDK what to do! Help!

Maya Junita said...

Your gf is going crazy too, Honey! She's in serious lack of sleep these days (only could catch about 3-4 hours each night), her stress symptoms were personified psychologically, her brain is on fire, what else? But she will be back to your days when this shit gone, because she loves you.

P.S: She said thanks for support and comfort her everyday..

nova said...

Kangen "blah-bing"nya MD :))