Monday, June 9, 2008

Whadevr's Birthday and Update and Stuff.

It appears that I need to write some new journals. Here we go.

Important update: Had an oh-so-glorious 21st birthday on June 6th *cheers for those who remembered* No party on D-day, just me and a bunch of friends worked on some assignments + presentations from 7.30 AM 'til 6.30 PM. I got bee-yotiful birthday presents from fam and got a sweeeeeeeeett surprise from ah-mazing bf.

My friend is getting married on October 24th, 2008!

Newborn baby: Evan, Chreza and Ninta's son, was born on June 7th.

Uni: Sucks. Next.

Learned a valuable lesson: Don't get drunk in front of your bf.

And other stuff and stuff and stuff.

To be honest, I got bored writing the list.


Andita Vernada said...

mayaaaaaa... km ultahhh?? happy birthday maay maafkan aku lupaa xP
semoga panjang umur selalu ya mayy, and get the most out of your life :)

Andra said...



*gw mau tidur. pokoknya nggak ada cerita lewat msn/telepon. kudu live!*

Maya Junita said...

Dita: Looh kita lagi chattingan. Makasi ya Dit..

Dee: OKKE OKKE! *Tapi kabur*

Unknown said...

cerita apa si cerita apa siiiih?

Unknown said...


nova said...

happy belated birthday :)) wish you all the best. semoga sukses ya ass-ignmentnya :) _Nova