Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dear Saturday Night..

Obviously, yesterday was Friday but I thought it was Saturday, and of course, I thought today was Sunday. I freaked out at 3 PM because I thought I missed Private Practice marathon on StarWorld. Gosh, I think I hit my head on something when I was sliding last Thursday. And, big ouch everybody, my left shinbone just hit my desk. I need 'Bee oil'. ASAP.

Happy Saturday night, everyone. I'm officially tired, thus I stay at home tonight; made a video about last vacation(s) and rest a moment just watching some videos made by me, bf, etc.. Memories oh memories.. I watched the vids in chronological order and I have to believe that time really flies darn fast.

I also spent a ridiculous amount of time; laughing at the men (bf, Adhit, Noiy, Kibo, Abhi, Evan, Chreza and others) when they're sliding on Atmosfear, just like my friends and I last Thursday. The men act like little boys and that was an incredibly funny 'jokes', especially Adhit and Noiy xD

Hmm.. what else? I was gonna say something but I forgot (not surprising, my brain works faster than my tongue and fingers). Ah, forget it, I'm hungry again. Here I come, Cakes!

Enjoy your weekend dudes and dudettes =]