Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm a PMS Goddess!

MD: PMS (pre-present-post) is about tummy ache, anxiety, and I-hate-my-bf.
Bf: PMS sounds so bloody scary because I can't deal with her mood swings.
MD: I hold all that anger in for about 24 days and then PMS is about let loose it because I can't take it anymore
Bf: PMS is about.. What do I do besides leave?
MD: Okay, we have to fix this.
Bf: Okay.
MD: Okay, I'm not goin' to act bitchy during PMS, and you?
Bf: I'm.. I'm.. I'll learn to be more patient and romantic and uhm.. sweet *rolled his eyes*
MD: Deal.
Bf: Deal.
MD & Bf: *toasting*

..Several weeks later..


Bf: Let's go to see a movie!
MD: Eh? What?
Bf: You heard me, Baby. C' mon!
MD: Which movie should we go see? Nothing interesting.. I guess.
Bf: Uhm.. How about "Hantu Aborsi"?
MD: WTF??!
Bf: Yeah yeah.. You'll understand that by doing abortion your unborn child doesn't make the baby go away. Your baby is going to haunt you foreveeerr.. khikhikhi..
MD: You're NOT my boyfriend!

To: Si Igor
14-Aug-08 10.06 pm
Good night, baby!!
From: Si Igor
14-Aug-08 11.23 pm
I just said to my pajamas: oo i've spent many sleepless nights.. all bcs she didn't kiss me g'night. can u read this? she texted me g'night!
To: Si Igor
14-Aug-08 11.24 pm
You're crazy!!

Bf: How's your tummy now?
MD: Uhm, it's gettin' better..
Bf: That's good! I have some asinan and frappuccino. D' ya want some?
MD: *That's a horrible combination, Moron. OMG OMG OMG where's my REAL bf??*

To: Si Igor
15-Aug-08 2.12 pm
Hi boooooyy! My tummy ache has disappeared. 70 push-ups and IT'S GONE! Ha3x..
From: Si Igor
15-Aug-08 2.14 pm
Oh great. congrats!
*OMG OMG OMG is he mad at me or what??*


Unknown said...

Mayyyy... haha nyeremin banget PMSnya... Pacar lo juga ada2 aja... Apalagi yg "Hantu Aborsi", ga ngehibur sama sekali :D

Unknown said...


Maya Junita said...

Hakhakhakhak :D

nova said...

Nggak ngertiiii he he he
Kenapa sih cara komunikasi kalian unik banget? Cenderung terbata2 bgitu?

However, tampaknya kalian romantis & manis sekali...