Sunday, September 28, 2008

Facebook Revolution.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a Facebook revolution, right? Which has received a not-so-warm welcome from the users.

So yadda yadda yadda we've already got our own opinions on why we love or hate the new layout and such and so forth so I'll just get to my opinion on it.

First, I like it. Really, I do. Some parts of it are really cool, multiple tabs on top/tabular pages, application short cut on footer, and the most important thing is I can avoid those thousands application boxes to appear in the main profile.

Second, the combination of wall and mini-feed. NYOOOOOOO..! It's too wide and messymessymessy like Medusa's hair. It needs to be worked in and integrated more because when I clicked-clicked wall filters it went wroooong..

Third, message-received-notification-beside-inbox-menu (whaddayacallit?) is too small. But it don't care. Next.

Bf doesn't left me any message on my wall since he left. Feck!

And hell-ooo people! STOP INVITING or ALERTING ME that so-and-so just joined the Anti-New Facebook group. Facebook provides a feedback link, just click and send your feedback! You don't pay Facebook. Bye.


Unknown said...

Not a fan. prefer the old one though. Happy sahur anyway

Adhit Jivanka said...

emang suruh ngasih opini ya noiy?
gw santai2 aja sama si facebook.
gw juga sebel sama invitationnya. maksud gw semua invitation application.

Maya Junita said...

Ngga, ngga ada yg nyuruh ngasih opini.. hahah.. Iya Dhit, gua juga malas sama invitation gitu..

джб said...

hahahaha...invitation udah kaya spam, tiap harii muncul

tp buat gw layout baru facebook jauh lebih bagus may, bisa ngurangin bandwith, mengurangi tingkat kelemotan waktu menjelajah halaman profil penuh aplikasi..hohohoo