Saturday, September 27, 2008

Two Things.

First, the twins headed back to home. All loneliness and silence are gone gone gone! They were so f-ing busy with their first semester at college and.. hahahah I have to admit it, that I miss them terribly. But they're here! Yay! So welcome home, Boys!

And the next thing is the thing I care about: Snack. I am a frequent Oreo eater so I felt so sad when I heard an issue about Oreo that it may contain melamine. You know, f-ing chinese milk scandal. Ugh! Just to let you know, I had 3 Oreos left in a jar and I didn't have a heart to throw them away. And I am soooo thankful, when I read today's newspaper, tadaaaa..:


I'm off to sleep.


Unknown said...



Jadi tadi "Away" buat nulis beginian doang...

Maya Junita said...

Hihihi iya..

Unknown said...

Hore congrats! sekarang bikinin gwe oreo coklat moccanya hehe