Friday, December 5, 2008

Whoa.. Lazy Me!

So blahblahblah I'm bored but happy.. What can I do?

Well hmm.. Lemme see, I've almost finished thesis. Research is done, data processing was bye-bye, data interpretation was, hopefully, okay, and what else? I have to complete theoretical foundation in order to give my thesis more superpower, but.. Do I have to dig Proquest or Emerald again? Foooooook! So I'm still working on my thesis and to give you an idea of what I'm doing with my thesis, I'm leaving up a checklist (no in progress shots will be shown, so don't ask. Just giving a vague idea what I am doing - 'big taste', huh?).

[x] Chapter 1: Introduction
[x] Chapter 2: Theoretical Foundation / Litterature Riview
[x] Chapter 3: Research Method
[x] Chapter 4: Analysis and Discussion
[x] Chapter 5: Conclusion and Suggestion
[ ] Revising Chapter 2 and 1 hypothesis (I have 3 hypothesis in my thesis)
[ ] Preface, Abstract, Reference, Table of content, etc
[ ] Finishing touch
[ ] ????

Just because 5 out 9 are done, doesn't mean that it's half complete. But I could say, it's almost done.. It's almost done. AND I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT THESIS DEFENSE! MY GOD!

Other than thesis, one of the twins is hospitalized. Poor brother. I'll visit him tomorrow. Look at the bright side, he's in town! Look at the dark side, I'm officially alone at home :(

And I'm currently reading It Had To Be You (Gossip Girl). I'm waiting for Wicked (Pretty Little Liars) to publish. Errrrr.. Wicked have to publish like NOW at Kinokuniya, or Periplus, or Warteg, or wherever. Speaking about Gossip Girl, I'm not Gossip Girl's regular readers but I'd say both of the novel and TV series are interesting, but I won't discuss anything about Gossip Girl.

Wanted to say hi to Adhit and Adinda. And also to Tante Agnes and Abhi. And to Igor and Edgar. And to you too and to everybody who stumbled upon this.

Anyone for cake?