Saturday, April 18, 2009


Last night I spent 4-5 hours pimping my photoblog. I really was enjoying the whole process. First, I picked the suitable templates from several sites that offer free templates for Blogger. Once I found my favorite, I had to download it.. and I realized the download and setup direction are written in Spanish. OMG. I laughed. But you know what? I did it! I believe someday we'll be faced with freakin' foreign language which we don't understand. But don't block your brain! Read it carefully, and you'll find the similarity between that freakin' foreign language (in this case is Spanish) and English (yay to English!) or some familiar words. You'll understand, trust me. Then, use it as a hint for whole sentence/paragraph, such as:

Descargar: Discharge; Unload - this is a direction how to unload..
Instalar: Install - to install
Configurar: To configure/Setup/Form
Uso: Usage
Licencia: License
¡Que la disfrutes!: Frustration? Depressed?
Artículos relacionados: Related articles (about something, of course)

Other examples:
"Tokio Disneyland celebra su cumpleaños 25"
Means: Tokyo Disneyland celebrates its 25th birthdays.
"En el lanzamiento de Ser Turista te regalamos nuestra primer plantilla para crear un photolog en Blogger y ahora es turno de una segunda, se trata de “Ser PhotoBlogger“, una plantilla diseñada para Wordpress por Brian Gardner y traída a Blogger por este Blog."
Means: This weekend soaxx! Really really really baaad.. And what's worse? It's not even over!

Okay, thank you for attending my Spanish class. Coincidentally, my handsome bf also faced by similar Spanish issue yesterday, when he went to ATM. He accidentaly pushed Spanish button and he was staring stupidly at the screen because he couldn't figure out any of the options in front of him, and he totally felt like an idiot when it happens. He ended up withdrawing € 20 and he's not sure how instead of making deposit. LMFAO. Find the complete story on his Facebook.

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American Idol's judges saved Paul Phoenix (Matt Giraud)!! Aww.. He's not my favorite but I think he deserves it (LOL his face in this pic is priceless!). So two of them will leave next week. I think Pete Wentz's sibling from different parents (Adam Lambert) will go far.. til the final. He makes good arrangements and owned almost every week but I'm bored with his screams. Robert Downey Jr.'s twin (Danny Gokey) and this cute little guy with crooked jaw (Kris Allen) never in the bottom three too. They're good and I like their styles. Hayley Williams' stuntgirl (Allison Iraheta) shows her progress week by week. I kinda like her. Uhm.. sorry, I have to say that I think Kim Kardashian's sister in bum (Lil' Rounds), and the slumdog millionaire look-alike (Anoop Desai) is in danger next week (based on the bottom 3 frequency), even they have an angle voice. But.. it depends on America.

Okay, on that note, I hope you all had a lovely weekend! :)


Unknown said...

LMAO at idol's names. paul phoenix!
btw if you're my spanish teacher, and i was your student, i wanted my money back. LOL.

Maya Junita said...

Easy.. I'd give your money back xD

Adinda Adhit said...

Hahahahahaha you're very funny.
Oh, and yay for your more beautiful photo blog! :-)