Sunday, April 12, 2009

Catch Up.

First of all.... Thanks to anyone who's provided 'feedback' on my latest stuff.
Second, everyone go smother Abhi pleeease....!
Once you're done smothering, please continue reading.

Long time no journal.. instead of writing the un-fun story I was posting a controversial stuff 4 days ago which made my boyfriend screamed and asked me (or more like screamed to me over the video call), "What the hell is thaaaat..?" Hahaha.. and I said, "Just a sh*tful memory." Oh, I mean my life is pretty boring lately. I'm supposed to be networking, seeking for a job, but I find it so hard that I'm going to curse every company, every vacancy, every applicant, and even my uni. But I tried not to write negative journal about this so I posted something else.

Saturday on April 4th, I had a dinner with my uni friends. It was awesome.
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, were boring. Next.
Thursday! Election day! I didn't vote. Why? Because I didn't get the election license. Pinkie is so thankful. Thursday night, I went to Abuba steak with parents and the twins, and Friday, and yesterday were boring. So yeah, the holiday was lame, but I'm greateful for my parents taking me and brothers out to random restaurants in 4 days while brothers were here.
By the way, I'm playing band again, however I broke my guitar string so I think it's not a good signal. So I quit. Haha. Just kidding.

Next, sh*t story. Couple days ago my boyfriend asked me, "What is your biggest fear?". I frantically answered, "God", and he paused. "Uh okay, my parents' faces when they're angry."
"That's a great answer. What's next?"
"Not being able to have children."
He paused again. "What's wrong?"
"I don't know, it just sounded like a good answer."
He rolled his eyes. I honestly can't understand how we could keep our cools after going through that kind of conversation. Retarded.

I'll be back post haste with something that makes more sense next time. Anywho, the rest of my day will be spent being sleepy and useless for no apparent reason. I'm gonna spin round and round for a bit and see if I think of something constructive to do. If not, I think I will make sandwich. Today's humor [link].

Published at 1:39 PM, left my laptop at 7.45 AM for Doraemon and I accidentaly slept in front of the TV.


Abhi said...

Why? Why meeeee? *smothered*